12 Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid (Bonus: Dealing With Negative Commenters + Blogging Infographic)

During my daily learning time, I’ve discovered two excellent articles and an infographic you’ll want to read. Click each headline to access the full article.

12 blogging mistakes that make you look like a world-class idiot

“Pretend like everyone is paying you to write, and make every blog post worth at least $100. Make it so astonishingly valuable they can’t help but talk about it.”

In this helpful article, Chris Lappin points out 12 mistakes every blogger should avoid. A quick overview (you’ll want to read the details):

  1. Holding back the good stuff – (This is the #1 mistake I see, particularly among aspiring authors)
  2. Thinking only about money
  3. Making empty promises
  4. Not being worthy of the crowd
  5. Being bored
  6. Waffling
  7. Making your posts all about you
  8. Not infusing your personality
  9. Preaching
  10. Thinking you’re funny
  11. Ignoring the opposite sex
  12. Getting defensive

3 ways to respond to negative commenters online

Brad Phillips outlines three effective ways to deal with those commenters you love to hate.

  1. Ban belligerent jerks
  2. Respond, but speak past the commenter
  3. Speak to the commenter

12 things to do after you’ve written a new blog post (infographic)


Discussion question for the brave

What’s the biggest blogging mistake you’ve made (or are making?)

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  • http://www.foodassault.com/ Trent Carpenter

    This is an awesome checklist, thanks for sharing. Some of these I didn’t think about or know of, some I knew of but just haven’t been doing and need to. Thanks again!