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Awesome Plugin Displays Bible References as Pop-Ups

Author Sherri Sand regularly includes scripture references in her devotional blog posts. She asked me whether there is a WordPress plugin that will automatically search her posts for scripture references and display the text of the Bible verses in a pop-up box.

Sure enough, there is! It’s called ESV CrossRef (or just CrossRef, once it’s installed on your site).

Read on to learn how it works and how it looks.   read more >

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How to Embed Getty Images on Your Blog – for Free!

Great news, bloggers:

Getty Images, the granddaddy of all stock photo services, has made millions of its images free to embed on blogs. It’s easy to use, too!

This blog posts provides step-by-step instructions for how to embed Getty images, and includes Terms of Use you must follow.   read more >

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How Pinterest Can Inject New Life to Old Blog Posts

I’ve been teaching workshops at writers’ conferences on creative ways authors can use Pinterest. So I thought I’d follow my own advice and explore how to repurpose my blog posts on Pinterest.

I’ve been planning this idea for close to a year, and after considering several options, I decided to emulate what Joan Stewart, aka, The Publicity Hound, does on her Pinterest board, “50 Tips for Free Publicity.” If it works for Joan, why reinvent the wheel?

Read on to learn my 10-step strategy, and then try it for yourself.   read more >

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Building a New Website is a Team Effort (Guest Post by Grace Fox)

By Grace Fox
Guest Columnist

Technology isn’t exactly my bent. It’s no wonder, then, that it bends me out of shape when it doesn’t cooperate for me or when I don’t understand it.

Laura Christianson’s expertise is changing that. Thanks to Blogging Bistro, technology is losing its intimidation factor and becoming my friend.

When Laura and I began discussing plans for my new website, I knew what I wanted but not necessarily what I needed. She filled in those gaps for me.   read more >

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Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting a Killer Blog Post [Infographic]

Everyone’s looking for the secret to writing blog posts that cause readers to swoon, to declare that your blog is the best thing since sliced bread, and any other cliches you can insert into this space.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no secret. Crafting excellent blog posts takes time, commitment, and an insatiable desire to learn — and to share what you’re learning with others.

Today’s infographic provides helpful tips about how to craft killer posts that’ll keep your readers coming back for more. First, a brief overview of the infographic…   read more >

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Why You Should Hire Professionals to Design Your Website (Guest Column)

By Matt Neputin
Guest Columnist

As bloggers, we often want to do everything ourselves. Especially if we’re just starting out, the prospect of spending money on our projects is about as appealing as putting glass into our eyes.

So we try to do EVERYTHING ourselves. We install WordPress ourselves. We sign up to Twitter ourselves. We even install a website theme ourselves.

But then we come to the hard things – the things that require actual talent, such as customizing the theme we’ve paid for.   read more >

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What’s Your Most Reliable Tool for Social Networking? [Infographic]

During last week’s technology conference in the Seattle area (at which I taught several workshops), I heard a lot of grumbling about Facebook. Long-time page owners expressed their frustration with Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm that determines what percentage and which types of updates are likely to be distributed to our followers’ news feeds — a percentage that continues to decrease at alarming rates.

I’ve heard that the average life span of a social network is 10 years. Guess when “” was launched at Harvard University?


You do the math.   read more >

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How to Share Facebook Profile Updates to a Business Page

By Laura Christianson

Readers: This post was updated in January 2014 to reflect Facebook’s most recent changes.

You can Share Facebook updates, links, videos, and photos from your personal timeline to any brand/fan page you administer. You can also share to Facebook Groups, on a friend’s timeline, and in a private message.

Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Facebook personal timeline.
  • Click the “Home” button (upper righthand corner of your screen)
  • In your News Feed, you’ll see other people’s updates.
  • Look for the “Share” link below each update.

  read more >

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5 Fantastic URL Shorteners

Have you ever received an email with a super-long link in it—a link so long it was unclickable? I certainly have.

Enter the amazing URL shrinker, a handy tool that shortens lengthy URLs (web addresses) to 25 or so characters.

In this article, we look at the pros and cons of URL shorteners, and review five excellent services:

  1. bitly

  read more >

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Blog: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox

Thinking about blogging this year?

Websites that include a blog integrated into the site (NOT hosted separately on Blogspot or some other blog hosting service) typically have 434% more indexed pages.

Blog posts are doorways to your business. Publish a blog post once a week this year, and give your customers 52 doors to open.

This article and accompanying infographic explains how to use the “doorway” method to help new customers discover you.   read more >

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