The 4 Ps of Marketing Your Blog

Blogging has been around for nearly two decades. With the growth of social media in the last decade and its application in marketing products and services, blogs have made their presence felt as a viable, but extremely underutilized marketing platform.

In this article, guest columnist John Siebert introduces the fundamental Marketing Mix — or 4 Ps of marketing — and shows how you can apply the 4 Ps to marketing your blog. Infographic included.   read more >

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Google+: Should I Use a Page or a Profile?

When Google+ was launched in 2011, the community was intended as a way for people to connect, and users created Profiles.

Businesses were eager to hop on the Google+ bandwagon, though, and adapted Profiles to fit their needs. Google closed the accounts of users who were not people, but a few months later offered Pages, intended for non-person entities, like companies, non-profits, and organizations.

This article details the similarities and differences between Profiles and Pages, so you can choose the one that works best for you. Or, use them both!   read more >

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8 Essential Online Marketing Practices that Get Results

I’ve been exchanging emails with Matthew Harris of Medium Well Inc. for several months. Turns out that the best practices he recommends to his clients mirror Blogging Bistro’s.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach everyone can follow to meet all the demands of using social media, online directories, paid advertising, and other tools. But there is a common series of considerations all businesses should address.

Matthew recommends eight practical marketing strategies that will help increase your online presence and authority.   read more >

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Content Curation 101: The Basics + Storify Tutorial

We’re living in an age of information overload. Between emails, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, world news, industry news, family news—there’s a lot to keep up with! Enter content curation, the process of collecting, organizing, and presenting information in a meaningful way.

Content curation might be a new term to you, but the concept is already part of our everyday lives: museum curators choose art pieces for an exhibition revolving around a unified theme, and DJs carefully select which songs to play for their particular audience.

On the web, content curators sift through the vast pool of articles, blog posts, and media to share the most relevant pieces with their audiences. Read on to learn how to curate content on your blog and how to use a hot content curation tool, Storify.   read more >

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How to Create Awesome Interactive Maps with ZeeMaps

People often ask me if Blogging Bistro works with clients all over the U.S. Thanks to the Internet, we do! We have clients in Canada, as well.

I created this map of some of our recent clients at It took me about 10 minutes.

Continue reading to see the embedded map and for illustrated, step-by-step instructions for how to create and share your own custom map.   read more >

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24 Terrific Places to Find Free and Low-Cost Stock Photos Online

When you visit a blog, what’s the first thing about a particular post that catches your attention?

Other than the article’s title, it’s probably the image (or images) that accompany the post.

Readers’ eyes are drawn to images, so it’s important to place a visual that illustrates your point into every blog post.

Readers are also creatures of habit, so place images in a consistent location, such as the upper left or upper right area of each post. Wrap text around the image to create a clean, packaged look.

This article includes links to at least 15 services where you can download free or low-cost stock images, illustrations, videos, or sounds.   read more >

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25+ Recommended Twitter Tools

Using Twitter is one thing; using Twitter effectively, well, that’s another thing. Don’t let the time you spend on Twitter go to waste. Instead, use one of the many free Twitter tools available online to maximize your Twitter time and put Twitter to work growing your business.

Check out these blogs posts, which bring you the scoop on Twitter tools for specific areas, including Twitter tools for:

  • Social Media Beginners
  • Making Twitter Your Most Powerful Social Tool
  • Monitoring Effectiveness
  • Enhancing Your Marketing
  • Tweeting Like the Pros
  • Embedding a Tweet into a Blog Post or Website
  •   read more >

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Google+ Tips: How to Get More Followers and Master Hangouts

You may have fine-tuned your Facebook and Twitter marketing strategies, but if you’re like most people, you could pay a little more attention to the newer kid on the social media block—Google+.

Google+ is growing, so it’s important, especially for businesses, to include it in your social media strategy.

Read on to learn how to make the make the most of this emerging social media giant. We’ve brought two blog posts and an infographic to help you learn how to:

  • Get More Google+ Followers
  • Host a Google+ Hangout
  • Increase Engagement by Knowing Your Audience (infographic)
  •   read more >

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3 Free Tools to Create Animated GIFs

Remember when we shared that Pinterest now supports animated GIFs, the stop-motion like videos that run in loops?

Today we’d like to introduce you to three free tools that allow you to create your own animated GIFs.

Whether you create an animated GIF purely for entertainment’s sake or to teach your readers how to do something, they are a fun way to connect with your audience.   read more >

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How to Use Content Marketing in Your Blogging and Copywriting

Content marketing is a bit of a buzzword these days, but what is it?

In a nutshell, content marketing is the practice of providing free, valuable content that relates to your product with the purpose of engaging with customers.

While advertising and PR try to make a sale, content marketing seeks to build a connection. And what better way to make a connection than with the wealth of social media channels—blogs, Facebook, Twitter—at our fingertips?

You could think of content marketing like this: social media + valuable information = happy (repeat) customers.

To help you hone your content marketing strategy, we’ve rounded up a couple blog posts and an infographic:

  • 10 Content Marketing Lessons from [Post Planner’s] TOP 10 Most Viral Blog Posts
  • Blog: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Social Media Toolbox
  • Copywriting Cheat Sheet: How to Write for Email, Social and the Web (infographic)
  •   read more >

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