Blossom Turner’s Website and Blog Helps People Heal from Betrayal

Have you ever been betrayed by a spouse, business associate, family member, or friend?

I have. And the pain associated with betrayal can last a very long time.

Blossom Turner understands how betrayal can zap the life out of you. She’s experienced betrayal on multiple levels, from childhood abuse to an adulterous spouse to betrayal by a business partner.

Blossom has not only survived the pain, but she’s healed and now she offers encouragement, hope, and compassion to others who are in similar circumstances.

A pre-published author, Blossom is shopping her book manuscript, Friendly Fire: Seven Steps to Healing From Betrayal, to publishers.

And she’s taking steps to build her all-important author platform. (For the uninitiated, that means developing a large, loyal audience of prospective book buyers.)

Blossom asked us to create a budget-minded WordPress website for her that features a blog on the Home page. Her website, or (she’s based in B.C., Canada) also features her compelling personal story, her speaking topics, and information about her book manuscript.

Blossom decided to use her descriptive name as the focal point of her brand’s visual identity, so we designed her a beautiful header that conveys the possibility of a vibrant life in full bloom. We added some subtle visual touches to the sidebar and headlines to further convey her message of hope and healing.

Blossom says,

I so appreciate you and how resourceful, timely and professional your team has been. You will come highly recommended, as I pass your name on to others.

Take a peek at Blossom’s brand new site and let me know what you think! (Be sure to leave a comment for Blossom on her blog, too.)

If you are in need of a website and/or blog, we specialize in creating custom (self-hosted) sites. Contact Blogging Bistro today to schedule a free, no-obligation phone call to assess your needs.

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  • Beth Willis Miller

    WOW! What a beautiful website and blog…your story is captivating…your encouraging words are so refreshing…I believe this very compelling site will draw many followers and publishers for your writing…thought you might like this quote by well-respected adoption educator, Marcy Wineman Axness, who speaks about feelings of betrayal in this metaphor: “Betrayal curls through my soul like a sunken steel mesh that buttresses skyscrapers. I can’t quite see it, but it’s what I’m built on. It wrinkles my life, and bristles in me in inappropriate ways. All future betrayals found an anchor in that first foundational trauma, and reverberated off the walls of the gaping wound in my soul. What took its place was the stand-in-for-me, the one which would conform and smile and not hurt, who would fit in nicely with the life my adoptive parents constructed for me. And thus, the betrayal continued-—my needs were always obscured by their own-—but I didn’t feel it any more, consciously. I didn’t feel much at all. Except that, paradoxically, I felt betrayal everywhere, projected it onto well-meaning but forgetful friends, or bosses just doing their jobs, or lovers simply being human.” …just wanted to share a little of my story from a blog post I wrote…