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Target Becomes Friends with Facebook, Offers ‘Social Savings’ Discounts

If you use Facebook and shop at Target, take note. You can now get special discounts on products you buy at Target through accessing a special app via your Facebook personal Timeline.

Here’s how it works:

Go to and log in via your Facebook account (you have to give the app permission to access your personal Timeline).

Browse “Hot Deals,” “Top Offers,” or “Collections” (deals organized by topic).

I found discounts from 5%-25% off on everything from graduation cards to Post-It Notes® to Gardenburgers to Coleman Sleeping bags.   read more >

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YouTube Improvements: Trends Map, Privacy Settings for Video Uploads, and More

Lots of cool improvements going on at YouTube! Here’s a rundown of what you’ll learn about in today’s post.

  1. YouTube’s new interactive Trends Map helps you explore which videos are trending in cities and regions throughout the US.
  2. Video Uploading: YouTube will now email you when a video you’re uploading is finished uploading and processing. You can forward that email to friends or family to share your video link.
  3. Privacy Settings Change: Now, when you upload a video, it will default to “private” – so it’s visible only to you – until you click “Publish.”
  4. Top 10 words tabloids love to use. I’ve included a brainstorming activity for you to try that will help you fine-tune the core message you use on your website, blog, YouTube, and other social channels.

  read more >

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Why Bloggers Should Attend a Writers’ Conference

Ten years ago, I had a dream to write a book and get it published by a royalty publishing house.

I’d been a freelance writer for magazines since 1993. Before that, I’d taught high school journalism and English for 11 years, and I’d spent a lot of time in the newsroom and production room of a daily newspaper. So I assumed I was well-acquainted with the world of publishing.

I was wrong.   read more >

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How to Email and Share Large Files for Free

This is a guest post by Kevin Murtha. If you would like to submit a guest article, please check out our guest post guidelines.

Have you ever tried to email a large file and received an error message telling you your file is too large?

Have you performed a Google search, looking for a way to email large files, and gotten routed to an annoying service that asks you to email the file to them – along with a bunch of personal information about both you and the file’s recipient?

There is a better way! The cloud computing service providers that you may already be using offer convenient ways to email large files for free.   read more >

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Tutorial: How to Embed a Tweet into a Blog Post or Website

Want to embed a tweet into a blog post — or perhaps as a customer testimonial on your website?

Here’s how to do it, adapted from information I found at Twitter’s Help Center:

1. Let’s say you want to embed something you’ve tweeted. Log in to your Twitter account and click “Me,” which will display your own tweets.

2. As you mouse over each tweet, a series of editing options will display. Click “More.”   read more >

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The Dangers of ‘Bulk-Buying’ Social Media Tools

This is a guest post by Sarah Murray. If you would like to submit a guest article, please check out our guest post guidelines.

If you have a small business, odds are you’re already on social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others have become a staple of business marketing.

However, while we know social media is important for our business success, many of us aren’t sure how exactly to use it effectively.

Much like multi-buy options at a supermarket, many businesses panic buy social media, signing up for everything.

Using social tools improperly is almost as detrimental as not using them at all.   read more >

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5 Fatal Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Social Media Marketing

This is a guest post by Elle Williams. If you would like to submit a guest article, please check out our guest post guidelines.

Social media marketing can seem too good to be true for a small business. It costs no money to set up an account, and the returns can be huge.

Because of this, a lot of brands jump onto the social media bandwagon without looking, rushing into setting up their profiles, and making a few fatal mistakes while they’re at it. Here are five of the most common mistakes – so you can avoid doing the same thing.   read more >

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Who Cares? Your Friendly Sales Associate!

This is a guest post by Erica Graf. If you would like to submit a guest article, please check out our guest post guidelines.

Yesterday, while leaving the mall, we decided it would be a good idea for everyone to make a bathroom stop. While drying my hands, I noticed a sign on the wall that read:

“If you see a problem with our restroom, please notify one of our friendly sales associates.” (emphasis mine)

Okay…but how do I know which ones are the friendly ones?   read more >

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How to Protect Your Computer in Case of Disaster, Plus 6 More Excellent Tutorials

In this week’s roundup of the most helpful blog posts from around the web, you’ll find links to 7 excellent tutorials about website security, search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, and website essentials. Click on each headline to access the full article.

  • How to protect your computer and data in case disaster strikes
  • 10 steps to a secure WordPress website
  • A breakdown of all your website’s traffic sources
  • How to use your domain name with Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail
  • How to make your email open and click-through rates skyrocket
  • How to speed up your WordPress site
  • What you need to know to pair fonts well
  • 12 must-have free fonts you should have in your collection

  read more >

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Why You Need Social Media for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Recruitment

This is a guest post by Will Vicary. If you would like to submit a guest article, please check out our guest post guidelines.

The internet and social media have together created huge challenges for businesses over the past decade – and it’s not just marketing departments that have been affected: companies have had to adapt every area in their organisation, including sales, customer service and recruitment.

Customers no longer rely on traditional advertising such as billboards or TV adverts to learn about new products.

Social media has changed the rules and empowered customers by giving them new tools to find, share, collaborate and buy with.   read more >

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