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Why You Should Be Wary of One-Page WordPress Themes

Landing pages — stand-alone web pages that deliver a single marketing message and a single call-to-action — have been around for decades. They’re usually used to entice people to sign up for an offer or mailing list.

During the past year or so, one-page websites have exploded in popularity. Now, instead of functioning primarily as a sales tool, they’ve morphed into full-featured websites.

One-page websites work well for brands in their infancy and for sites that have a small amount of content.

This article shows you one-page websites we have developed for clients, and details two common problems with one-page WordPress themes.

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Re-Branding a Writers Conference, Phase 2

Two months ago, we shared the steps we’ve been taking to re-brand the West Coast Christian Writers Conference (I volunteer on the Board of Directors).

We changed the name of the organization, revamped the conference curriculum, moved the conference to a new location, designed a logo and ramped up our marketing efforts.

We created a one-page website that included the conference essentials. The “starter” website introduced the new brand to the world while the board members finalized the conference details.

We just launched the full-featured website (which replaced the one-page site). It’s a WordPress site that uses responsive design technology, meaning that it functions perfectly on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.   read more >

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Children’s Author Diane Stortz Gets Brand Refresh

Children’s author, Diane Stortz, decided it was time to upgrade her Blogger blog to a website that would feature her books and her editing services.

She wanted a “look” that would appeal to her primary audience of parents and grandparents of young children, and her secondary audience of publishers and writers looking to hire an experienced editor. She wanted her brand to be bright, fun, contemporary, personable, and professional. A tall order!

In this article, you’ll learn how the Blogging Bistro team worked with Diane to update her logo, website, business cards, and social media accounts.   read more >

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Re-Branding a Writers Conference One Step at a Time

When there’s a turnover in leadership, it’s not uncommon for a business to change its mission, its primary customer, its services and products – even its name.

During the last decade, I’ve coached many people who have expanded their brand or entirely reinvented it.

Since February 2014, I’ve served as part of a team that is re-branding a Christian writers conference.

Today, I’ll share the progress we’re making and invite you to adapt our strategies for your own business, should you be considering re-branding.   read more >

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8 Essential Online Marketing Practices that Get Results

I’ve been exchanging emails with Matthew Harris of Medium Well Inc. for several months. Turns out that the best practices he recommends to his clients mirror Blogging Bistro’s.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach everyone can follow to meet all the demands of using social media, online directories, paid advertising, and other tools. But there is a common series of considerations all businesses should address.

Matthew recommends eight practical marketing strategies that will help increase your online presence and authority.   read more >

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Awesome Plugin Displays Bible References as Pop-Ups

Author Sherri Sand regularly includes scripture references in her devotional blog posts. She asked me whether there is a WordPress plugin that will automatically search her posts for scripture references and display the text of the Bible verses in a pop-up box.

Sure enough, there is! It’s called ESV CrossRef (or just CrossRef, once it’s installed on your site).

Read on to learn how it works and how it looks.   read more >

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Building a New Website is a Team Effort (Guest Post by Grace Fox)

By Grace Fox
Guest Columnist

Technology isn’t exactly my bent. It’s no wonder, then, that it bends me out of shape when it doesn’t cooperate for me or when I don’t understand it.

Laura Christianson’s expertise is changing that. Thanks to Blogging Bistro, technology is losing its intimidation factor and becoming my friend.

When Laura and I began discussing plans for my new website, I knew what I wanted but not necessarily what I needed. She filled in those gaps for me.   read more >

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Why You Should Hire Professionals to Design Your Website (Guest Column)

By Matt Neputin
Guest Columnist

As bloggers, we often want to do everything ourselves. Especially if we’re just starting out, the prospect of spending money on our projects is about as appealing as putting glass into our eyes.

So we try to do EVERYTHING ourselves. We install WordPress ourselves. We sign up to Twitter ourselves. We even install a website theme ourselves.

But then we come to the hard things – the things that require actual talent, such as customizing the theme we’ve paid for.   read more >

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3 Ways to Harness the Power of Mobile for Your Small Business

Sixty-three percent of US adults go online using their mobile phones and 1 in 5 US adults do most of their online browsing using their mobile phone, according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center.

Mobile usage is growing by the day, so how can small business owners harness the power of mobile?

  1. Optimize your website for mobile devices
  2. Act on mobile marketing statistics
  3. Use responsive design
  4. Read on to learn how you can make mobile marketing work for you.   read more >

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How to Create Secure Passwords for Your Online Accounts

Creating hard-to-hack passwords for your online accounts is one of the most important things you can do. It’s also something most people fail to do. In this week’s roundup, you’ll find seven excellent resources to help you evaluate your passwords’ security and safely store your personal information online.

  • There’s a cool tool that’ll show you how many seconds, minutes, hours, years, or millennia it will take a hacker to break in to your accounts.
  • Another tool will show you whether your e-mail IP address has been blacklisted.
  • A fun comic shows creative ways to create hard-to-hack passwords
  • Plus, you’ll learn about two popular password management apps, and get a how-to video, to boot.

I want to hear about your favorite anti-hacking strategies, too, so be sure to leave a comment.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or water) and get started!   read more >

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