Facebook Tutorial: How to Post Comments, Likes, and Shares from Your Page’s Persona

A reader asks:

When I am logged in to my Facebook Fan/Business page and I want to Like another page, it always shows that I am Liking the page from my personal profile. How can I get pages to come up as “Likes” from my business page?


Because most of us log in to our Facebook fan page via our personal account, when we zip over to our fan page, we assume we’re using Facebook as our page’s persona. In reality, though, we are likely using it as the persona of our personal profile.

Here’s a visual example.

I just logged in to my Facebook account. I am on my Blogging Bistro fan page, but if I check the upper righthand corner of the Facebook navigation bar, it shows me that I’m using Facebook as “Laura Christianson” (see red arrow, below). That’s the username of my personal profile.

There are two ways to switch personas.

1.  Click the link, “Use Facebook as…” It’s directly below “Admins” in the righthand sidebar (see yellow highlighting in photo above).

2.  You can also click the arrow directly to the right of the “Home” tab (see my blue arrow in the above photo). When you click the arrow, a pop-down menu will display all the fan pages you administer. Click on the correct page, and you’ll switch to that Page’s persona.

When you have successfully switched personas, the user ID in your navigation bar will magically change to the name of the fan page, like this:

When you are using Facebook from the persona of your fan page, all comments, likes, or shares you leave on others’ pages will appear to come from your page persona, as opposed to your personal profile.

Bonus Tip

Another thing you can do to ensure that you ALWAYS post to your own fan/business page using your page persona:

  • Click “Edit Page” (located directly below the “Home” tab).
  • Click “Your Settings” in the lefthand sidebar.
  • In the “Posting Preferences” area, check the box that says, “Always comment and post on your page as [insert your page name], even when using Facebook as [insert personal profile username].


  1. Use Facebook as your Page’s persona.
  2. When you’re logged in as your Page, visit http://www.facebook.com/bloggingbistro and Like my page. You”ll get a social media tip every day of the year. Thanks!
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  • http://thekoalabearwriter.blogspot.com/ Bonnie Way

    I must’ve stumbled on this by accident, ’cause that’s what I do.  :)  Sometimes, when I want to “like” a page as my persona, then I have to copy their URL, switch to my persona, go to the URL, and then hit “like” and usually I’ve liked it as my persona.  I’m trying to keep personal/business separate in that way, though it’s not always that easy.  :)

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    I do that, as well, Bonnie. Often, I’m logged in as one of my page personas when I find something I want to like or comment on. It’s easier to just copy the full URL, then go to the correct page’s persona and paste in the link. Thanks for sharing the workaround. -Laura