Grammar, Punctuation, and Usage Pet Peeves [Infographic]

In my former life as a high school English teacher, I posted a list of “illegal” words. Students knew that if they used these words incorrectly in essays, they would be graded down.

Three of my biggest pet peeves of all time are included on this infographic from Copyblogger:

  1. its/it’s
  2. your/you’re
  3. there/their/they’re

You’ll find 12 additional bugaboos on this infographic. Be sure to Pin It!
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Do any of the above plague you? (I have a mental block against affect/effect… have to look up the difference every time.)

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  • Jevon Oakman Bolden

    Oh, I love this, Laura! What a great way to keep these often confusing words in check.

  • G Hazel

    ask vs. axe You could ask someone a question — don’t axe him something. 
    saw vs. seen And if you spotted a friend, you’d say “I saw Bob at the mall” not “I seen Bob at the mall”

  • Laura Christianson

    Ooh… these make me cringe!