How to Customize the Apps Images on Your Facebook Fan Page

Note: This post was updated January 15, 2014 to reflect Facebook’s latest interface.

In Part 1 of this series, you learned what you can and can’t do with Facebook’s timeline cover photo for brand pages. Today you’ll learn how to customize the images that display directly below the cover, called “apps boxes.”

What Apps Boxes Do

These clickable images link directly to various apps you’ve installed on your page. you can customize and rearrange the icons for most apps with a 111 by 74-pixel image and a short title.

The apps boxes you will not be able to customize are Facebook’s proprietary apps:

  1. Photos (which always displays as the first app on your page, and always displays your most recently uploaded image)
  2. Notes
  3. Map
  4. Videos

Need to Know

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to customize these images, here are a few things you need to know:

You can display a total of 12 apps, but only four of them (including “Photos,” which is always listed first) are visible on your timeline’s front page.

To see #s 5-12, you must click the arrow to the right of box #4, which opens a dropdown menu that displays the remainder of the apps you’ve added to this area. (If you don’t have 12 apps installed, you’ll see blank boxes.)

Since most users won’t click the arrow to view your hidden tabs, you must rearrange them based on their importance.

How to Rearrange Apps Boxes

Click the arrow to the right of your four apps to display all the apps.

Rearranging Apps Boxes

Hover over each app box, and a pencil icon will appear. Click the pencil icon in the upper righthand corner of any apps box.

Under “Swap Position With,” click the title of the app you want to do a switcheroo with. Continue swapping until your tabs are in the order you want them to display.

How to Customize an Apps Box Image

If you upload an image that’s the wrong size for the app box, Facebook will automatically scale it. And that might not look good.

To make the image fit perfectly, first use image-editing software or an online image editor to create images for each tab that are 111 x 74 pixels.

Next, you’ll need to edit the settings of each apps box (except Photos, which you can’t edit).

Again, click the the arrow to the right of your four apps to display all the apps, and then click the pencil icon in the upper righthand corner of the apps box you plan to edit.

Click “Edit Settings.”

You can now edit both the title of your app box (custom tab) and customize the image associated with it.

Type in a short name for your tab and click “Save.” I suggest creating a call-to-action, such as “Read our Blog” or “Download Freebie.”

Now it’s time to customize the image. Next to the Custom Tab Image, click “Change.”

Upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG file of 111 x 74px from your hard drive.

When you’re done, click “Okay.”

Snazzy Sample

Here’s Coca-Cola’s apps boxes. I like the way they use their signature bright red theme throughout.

Facebook Page Cover Photo Samples

We’ve been busy designing and installing custom timeline cover photos for our clients.

Here’s one we created for best-selling novelist, Davis Bunn:


And here’s one we designed for one of Davis’s book campaigns:

FB Cover Photo Unlimited

We designed this one for author Judith Ingram. Visit her website and see how her Facebook cover photo, apps boxes, and website coordinate (we also created her website).

Judith Ingram Facebook Page

We created a photo collage for Spane Buildings:


Here’s a different style of collage we designed for Winery on Wheels (better known as WOW). Note how it also matches the look an feel of their website:


I love the cover photo we designed for Dr. Teri Byrd, owner of VetPetConnect (which also matches her website that we created):

VetPetConnect Facebook Cover

Need a cover photo and apps boxes designed?

Contact us for a no-obligation estimate. To create your cover image package, we’ll need the following from you:

  1. A description and/or rough sketch of what you’re looking for (the more specifics you provide, the better).
    1. Do you want one large picture on the cover?
    2. A series of smaller images? If so, how do you want the images laid out?
    3. Will your cover include your logo? A photo of you and/or your staff? Your products?
  2. Attach the photo you will you be using for your profile picture (the square image that’s overlaid in the lower lefthand area of the cover). Think about how that photo will complement (or clash with) your cover photo.
  3. What is the exact text you will display on your cover (text is not required). Where do you want the text to appear?
  4. What colors do you want (for text, or overall color scheme)
  5. Please attach all image files you wish to include in your cover. If you do not own the copyright to the image, explain who owns the copyright, and include the necessary permissions for you to use the photo. If you are using stock photos, include a link to the exact web page from which you purchased the photo, or to the creative commons page from which you downloaded the photo.

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  • Trisnah

    Thank you.

  • Nelsan Ellis

    wow I have been pulling my hair out trying to customize my biz FB tabs – I was thrilled to find your very easy step-by-step instructions w/excellent screen shots – BUT, then I read: Note that at the time of this writing, for certain default Facebook applications such as Photos, Videos, and Notes, the tab image cannot be customized.

  • Laura Christianson

    I have moved that info to the top of the post to eliminate confusion. Wouldn’t it be nice if Facebook let us customize ALL the apps images?

  • Lynsey Saxon

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve been struggling for days trying to figure out getting custom tabs. I have now managed to get them , figured out how to change the name AND add an image :) Now I need help uploading. I’m not sure if you can do this but I’m trying to upload several images into one tab. Is this possible? I have lots of documents in my albums section at the moment and I wanted to put tabs on so I can separate the documents into these different tabs i.e. groups tab, premises tab etc….. I wanted to upload 10 images into the groups tab, these docs list all of the groups I have running in my area. Same for premises etc. I can upload one image but that seems to be it!!!!! Can you upload lots of images to one tab??????
    Thanks, in advance, for any advice you can offer :)

  • Laura Christianson

    Lynsey – Our programmer (who is a certified Facebook developer) usually takes care of these kinds of tasks for our clients, so email me if you’d like to set up an appointment. I believe that if you use a custom HTML tab, you can upload multiple images to it. We have done that for some of our clients’ apps, and it works great.

  • Jaimie

    And there is no way to change this without having created an event? I’m sure I’ve seen this working somewhere…..

  • Laura Christianson

    Jaimie, You can create a custom cover photo for each event, and I believe that the app image that shows on your main FB page will display the image from your most recent event. Give it a try and let me know if I’m right or wrong.

  • rene

    Hi Laura, I have a question. I’ve loaded in an event photo but it’s not showing correctly on all platforms. I used the recommended size of 1200×450 dpi. I’m not seeing where it gives me the option to load in different sized images for different platforms. How do I fix this?

  • Laura Christianson

    What exactly do you mean by different platforms? An Event photo that you upload to the Facebook “Events” app would only display on the Facebook platform. I think I may be misunderstanding your question.

  • rene

    maybe I didn’t phrase that correctly. I mean the event photo that I’m using shares/views differently on different devices. When you are looking at it on a desktop computer the acceptance of the invitation shows correctly, full size. When you view the share of it on a desktop computer it cuts off a small portion of it. When you view it on a tablet or phone it only shows a very small portion of the center of the picture regardless of whether you are looking at a share or acceptance of the invitation.

  • Laura Christianson

    Oh, now I see what you’re getting at. Unfortunately, Facebook does function differently on different types of devices, and the smartphone and tablet versions do not include the full functionality of the desktop versions.

  • rene

    oh o.k., I wasn’t sure. Facebooks size guidelines gave me three different sizes to use for the events image. All three looked like they’d be appropriate on a different single device, but none of them would work on all of them across the board. I thought maybe there was a different way to do it.



  • Audra Keeney

    This was a TON of help!! One question is there a way to change to picture that pops up when someone clicks on the APP on your Facebook Fan Page?