How to Edit Link Titles and Descriptions in Facebook Updates

A-Z social media tips from - CIn my Facebook updates, I often link to interesting articles, or I promote articles published on my own blog.

When I paste a link into a Facebook update, Facebook automatically “discovers” the article’s title and description. If the article includes an image, Facebook also imports a thumbnail of that image.

Here’s a quick way to edit the title and description of an article you link to:

1. Write the “teaser” for the post you’re linking to and paste in the full URL (including the http://) from the page.

2. Before publishing the update, edit the title (the part in boldface, below your teaser) by clicking once inside the title. A form field with the original title inside it will appear.

3. Type your desired title inside the field.

4. Repeat this process with the description.

5. Click “Okay” to publish your edited update, or click the clock icon in the lower lefthand corner of the update to schedule it.

Why edit the title and description text?

Often the title and description of the article you’re linking to leaves a lot to be desired. If you optimize it for your ideal Facebook audience, you increase the chances of the link getting clicked – and read.

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  • Amy Schmittauer

    Good tip. I’m always surprised how many people don’t realize they can make these changes and have to settle with whatever Facebook defaults to. Critical changes to get the attention of your audience.

  • Laura Christianson

    Thanks for your comment, Amy. Have you discovered any cool Facebook tweaks that help get your audience’s attention?

  • Amy Schmittauer

    I rarely use the link preview. Especially because I share videos so often. Facebook has an undeniably beautiful relationship with photos, so I always add a photo and teaser/links in the description. Gives a much better chance of being seen and as your photo rapport is built with your audience, they’re more likely to see them in the future.

  • Laura Christianson

    You just guessed the content of my next tutorial, which is coming Wednesday — it’s on this very topic!

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  • Le Phuc

    Thank you for sharing. My page is, when i post at some other page i’d like to edit it to be not a link but a phrase likes “The Brain And Mind”, and when people click there, they can come to my page. How can i do that?

  • Laura Christianson

    Embed a link into your post by pasting the link into the status update field. Facebook will automatically grab a snippet of information
    from the linked page, as well as an image if there is one, and format it for you. You
    can then delete the link from the status update box and type a
    description if you wish.

  • Panks Fp

    Hello laura ,

    Thanks for the tips as i am searching for How I can Put my main keyword on Title of facebook.. Can you please tell me how can i do that? For example say my Name is Philip , i want on facebook page that it should be displayed like ” PPC Expert ” How can i achieve that?

  • Laura Christianson

    Philip, I think this might work: Edit the “About” tab on your page and edit the text in the “Description” area. The first 70 characters will display in search engine results. I am looking at the Google search results for my company’s page, and in the title tag, it displays my page’s name plus a couple of words from the sub category info I entered when I categorized my page.

    To edit your sub category, click on “Edit Page” then “Page Info” and then edit the area that says “subcategories.”

  • Sherman

    Great tips and pictures! Would you know how to edit/add a description when the link I add creates a box that only has the header entry, but no description entry area?

  • Laura Christianson

    Sherman – I had this problem earlier today. It displayed a way to edit the title, but not the description. I’m guessing it may be a temporary FB glitch, as usually, it displays the option to edit both areas.

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