How to Edit Link Titles and Descriptions in Facebook Updates

A-Z social media tips from - CIn my Facebook updates, I often link to interesting articles, or I promote articles published on my own blog.

When I paste a link into a Facebook update, Facebook automatically “discovers” the article’s title and description. If the article includes an image, Facebook also imports a thumbnail of that image.

Here’s a quick way to edit the title and description of an article you link to:

1. Write the “teaser” for the post you’re linking to and paste in the full URL (including the http://) from the page.

2. Before publishing the update, edit the title (the part in boldface, below your teaser) by clicking once inside the title. A form field with the original title inside it will appear.

3. Type your desired title inside the field.

4. Repeat this process with the description.

5. Click “Okay” to publish your edited update, or click the clock icon in the lower lefthand corner of the update to schedule it.

Why edit the title and description text?

Often the title and description of the article you’re linking to leaves a lot to be desired. If you optimize it for your ideal Facebook audience, you increase the chances of the link getting clicked – and read.

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