Two Quick Ways to Find The List of Fans Who Like Your Facebook Page

*Note: This is an updated version of a tutorial originally published in February 2012. This new-and-improved tutorial explains how to see your list of “Likes” using Facebook’s Timeline for brand pages.


A Blogging Bistro reader asks:

On my Facebook Fan Page, I used to be able to click on the number of “Likes” to see the list of names and learn who my newest fans were.

Now when I click on it, it takes me to the Insights page and shows me graphs and numbers, but no way to access the names. Am I missing something, or did they do away with this feature?

My response:

To see a list of people who like your page, click “View Insights,” which is located directly below your cover photo, on the righthand side.


From your Insights page, click the “Likes” tab.

Now, glance over to the right side of your screen and you’ll see a button that says “Export Data.”

Directly below that button is a small link that says, “See Likes.”

Click “See Likes” link and you’ll get a pop-down menu where you can choose to view your page’s likes by People, Pages, Admins, or Banned.


When you are viewing your page’s likes, you can also appoint page admins from this area. To learn about page admin privileges, read my post, “How to assign admin roles to Facebook fan pages.”

A second way see your list of Page likes:

1.  Make sure you are using Facebook as your Page’s persona. To do that, locate the “Home” tab in the upper righthand corner of your screen, inside the blue Facebook navigation bar.

2.  From the “Home” dropdown menu, select “Use Facebook as” and click the name of your Facebook fan page (NOT your personal profile).

3.  Go back to the blue navigation bar that runs across the top of your screen. You’ll see three icons to the right of the Facebook logo. The first icon has a silhouette of people on it. Click that icon, and it’ll show you your latest “likes.”

4.  You can then “See all” by clicking the link inside the pop up box.

5.  You can filter the “see all” by People, Pages, Admins, and Banned.

Thanks to alert reader, Gloria Rand, for spotting the “Likes” link on the Insights page.

Note: Several readers have alerted me that these two methods show a maximum of 500 of your fans. I have no idea why Facebook limits the amount of “likes” you can see. Makes things difficult for those of us who’d like complete access to our fans — which is probably all of us.

If anyone has discovered a method for viewing ALL your fans, please share it with us.

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  • Diane C.

    I was able to get only a partial list of followers using either of the described methods, unfortunately.  I am an admin of a nonprofit page.  The nonprofit is an animal welfare group in Texas, and we have a FB page for each of our regional TX chapters, and we also have a main FB page for the entire organization.  We are looking to close down the regional chapter pages because we are volunteer-based and having a hard time maintaining them.  We’re going to start posting “Please like our main State page because we’re closing down our chapter pages” on the chapter pages.  I wanted a starting list of all the folks that currently like our main State page so I could see who/how many are switching over from the chapter pages to the state page.  (many probably have “liked” both already)

    When I try either of the two methods you have kindly described, the most followers I can get is 493, out of 1914 that have liked us. I think, but I’m not sure, that the 493 are the 493 most recent “likes”.  I wonder why this is – why can’t we see all our likes?

    Thank you,

  • David ‘Hoots’ Crawford

    both methods show a maximum of 500, I have more than that and would like to see the complete list.

  • Laura Christianson

    David, I didn’t realize they’d only show 500 fans. That is strange. I wonder why they wouldn’t show the full list?

  • Ben “The Wiz” Gordon

    Sadly the Facebook operating environment seems to be increasingly inconsistent. I don’t doubt that this article will be made obsolete when Facebook decides to make another drastic change in the next month or two.

    Personally I feel a bit betrayed. I have used Facebook for both personal and professional purposes since its first year of public release. I find it overly complicated and deceptive these days. They claim to be a great platform for marketing, but thats missing the point! Facebook should be about people not about selling what you know about those people.

    My warning to all of my fellow marking experts out there is that your audience on Facebook is by default in a different frame of mind. Treat them like humans, not like potential sales $s and you will be much more effective.

    Great Blog! Let me know if you would ever like to do a guest spot on ours or vice versa!

    Ben Gordon,
    Word Wizards, Inc.

  • Laura Christianson

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ben. I agree with you about the inconsistency and general non-user friendliness of Facebook. One shouldn’t have to post tutorials on every aspect of Facebook in order to help people understand the basics of how to use it.

    Of course, those tutorials (and the fact that I need to update them every few months) bring a lot of traffic to my blog, so I’m not complaining that much!

  • Lilia A Lemoine

    I want to give a prize to one of my 3000 fans in my page. I want to use a lotery system for that, so I need to see all of them listed. In this case, I want to greet my fans, not treat them as a number. And I won’t be ablo to do it, it would be unfair to give a prize only between the last 500… ¬¬

  • Laura Christianson

    Lilia – Before you run a contest on Facebook, make sure you read their rules for hosting contests. Facebook has VERY strict rules for what you can and can’t do in contests and lotteries, etc.

  • pur natur

    Hi guys,
    Hi Gloria,
    the way you mentioned does not work any more since facebook took several updates. I was googling many many hours to find out how to export facebook fans (we need to have only the names due to a competition). But so far I didn’t find a way that works. Do you have any recomms?
    Kind regards

  • Milaminute

    What about the other way around? Who we like?


    Not in the annoying framed box, more as an export or way to make a list of connections? More like the personal page does by month. We’ve liked companies and media we would like to contact about press and can’t even see our own list cohesively.

    Thank you!

  • Laura Christianson

    Mila, Try this: Go to Edit Page > Featured > Edit Featured Likes. This should show you a list of all the pages your Page has liked. As far as downloading a list of all the pages your page likes, I’m not sure that’s an option with Facebook at this time. It sure would be nice to have, though.

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