How to Know Whether Your Facebook Marketing is Failing Miserably

  • Are your Facebook marketing efforts failing or succeeding?
  • What are the best tools to help increase engagement with your fans?

These three articles provide good tips. Click on the article title to access to full post.

14 Signs That You Are Failing at Facebook Marketing

These tips apply to those who have Facebook Business/Fan pages [Mart Prööm, DreamGrow]

Top 10 Facebook Apps for Fan Engagement and Building Community

[Andrea Vahl, Social Media Examiner]

Facebook Ads’ Least Known Secret: Occupational Targeting

“Occupations make for very good marketing targets, because one can be fairly certain about which products and services a particular occupation is more likely to use.” [Raul Kaevand, DreamGrow]

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  • Sathish

    This tutorial is an eye opener one. Now i knew what are all the steps need to take to promote. Thanks for this awesome tutorial.

  • Laura Christianson

    I love sharing great info as I come across it. Glad you found it helpful.