How to Link to Your Facebook Page from the ‘Employers’ Area of Your Profile

This is an updated version of one of my most popular Facebook tutorials.

A reader asks:

How can I change my occupation on my Facebook personal profile so it links directly to my business/fan page?

When you edit the “About” area of your personal profile, the first listing under “Education and Work” is “Employers.”

The only problem is, when you add your employer, Facebook automatically creates a Community Page if it can’t find an Official Page (which most of call a Fan Page or Business Page).

So, you have to teach Facebook how to find — and link to — your Official Facebook Business Page.  And thankfully, it’s an easy process!

Here’s how:

1.  Log in to your Facebook Personal Profile.

2.  Directly beneath your cover photo and profile image, click the “About” link. This will open your “About” page (also called “Info”).

3. In the “Work and Education” module that’s located in the upper lefthand area, click “Edit.”

4. Check to see whether something is already listed in that area that links to a Community Page. If it does, click the small x to “Remove Employer.”

5.  Now you’re going to re-add your employer, only this time you’re going to link directly to your employer’s Official Facebook Page (instead of the Community Page).

6. In the “Where have you worked?” form field, begin typing the EXACT NAME (Title) of the Facebook Business Page you want to link to.  For example, I typed in “Blogging Bistro, LLC” because that is the name of my Facebook Business Page.  (Note: Do NOT type in the URL of your page — the Instead, type in the TITLE of your page. The title should match exactly with the headline that displays directly below your Facebook cover photo and to the right of your square profile image).

As you type, Facebook will search for a Business Page with that title and will pop down a list of suggested pages. Click on the appropriate page title.

7.  When you confirm that you want to add your page, Facebook will instantly insert the thumbnail image of the profile picture that’s on that page along with a link to it in the “Employer” area.

8.  You can then customize the remainder of the form by entering your position at the company, the company’s location, a description of the company and how long you’ve worked there.

9. When you’ve filled in the form fields, click “Add Job” and then “Done Editing.”

Here’s how the published Work and Education/Employers entry that links to my Blogging Bistro Facebook page looks on my personal profile.

Note that there are two ways to click to my brand page: via the page title link that Facebook, automatically creates, and via the link I embedded into the description for my page.

See, I told you it was easy! Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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  • Lilith

    Hi, I have a related question… maybe you can help. Some people have been adding my company’s facebook page as their employer but they do NOT work for me. Is there any way to prevent this or to set the page to require approval before someone can do this? Can’t seem to find info about it anywhere on FB.:(

  • Laura Christianson

    Lilith – That IS a new one to me! I don’t know that there’s any way you could prevent this, as, unlike LinkedIn Company Pages, Facebook doesn’t require you to verify that you indeed to work at said company.

  • Kate

    not sure if anyone still needs help but this worked for me. Such an easy fix…change from local business to company or organization and Viola it works..Yay. Days of googling and i finally got it

  • Kate

    Ok i thought the last one worked but it turns out if u have a “places” and not a “page” page you have to delete the address and choose “no physical address” and it should work. This does turn off any check-ins to your business.

  • Laura Christianson

    Excellent advice, Kate. Thanks so much for sharing this tip. I will update the post to reflect that info.

  • Tara

    yeah, it happens to me too.. I’m afraid that the person might abusing my company name by pretending to work at my company (in facebook profile),, Is there any ways to prevent someone else pretending to work at fanpage which not employed them???

    Please kindly help!!!!

  • Tarana

    Thanks for the tip!

  • ligi

    my page not sdhowin up on d employee details

  • Confused by Facebook

    There are several titles on the create pagei FB page. Which one do most people use for a blog?

  • Laura Christianson

    You can choose whatever category you want (and you can change categories at any time). I would probably use “Artist, Brand, or Public Figure” and then choose the second category of “Writer.” Or use “Brand or Product.”

  • kim

    YAY! it worked!! well not the method you used because it didnt come up.. but for all of you who need another way.. give this a try: Type in the exact name, then click on the grey area at the bottom, I got a notification when doing this to type it again as they suggested, wich i did and it came up with a suitcase profile photo, i just continued filling in my info as where i live and what my function is, and as i saved,.. here came my beautiful business profile photo, and the link was made

  • Amber

    This worked for me, too! THANK YOU!

  • Sai Kelly

    Hi Laura, did you find a magical solution? lol My page Sai Kelly Photography has been up for almost 2 weeks, i’ve tried all the suggestions above, i just liked it there to try that, it appears in searches but it just won’t come up as a suggestion when i try adding it into my work and education in the about me page. i have reported the problem to Facebook but after you click ‘send’ it informs you that they cannot sort individual problems….fantastic technical support there from one of the largest companies on the internet! lol

  • Sai Kelly

    Fricking YESSSSS!!!!! This method worked. Thank you so much Kim! You’re a legend.

  • Kamila Krotosz

    Yes, this has worked for me too! So happy right now, thank you!

  • Joe

    And, what if the only thing you do for money is play music and your band page does not show up in the list (EVER) ???

  • Guest

    This worked for me in the past, but I went to edit my info and add another fan page and facebook would not link to my new fan page. I am not sure if facebook changed this method. I am sad that facebook took out all of my work history went I was in the edit mode. It is a pain dealing with them sometimes because they change stuff all the time. I will continue to read and see if anyone recently has found a solution to this linking issue. Err

  • Laura Christianson


    Sometimes, when fan/business pages are brand new and Facebook has not officially indexed them yet, they may not recognize the “business.” Wait a while and try again and let me know if it works. I just ran a test linking to a page I created a couple of weeks ago, and it worked fine for me.

  • Nate

    This Definitely didnt work

  • Daniel

    Hi, my employers business page does not appear in the drop down box when I key it in. Any suggestions as to why this happens?

  • Laura Christianson

    Sometimes, when it’s a new business page that may not be indexed yet in Facebook’s search feature, they don’t display. This feature on Facebook seems to be hit or miss. It works perfectly for a lot of people, but others can’t get it to work at all. I do know that you have to have the exact page name for it to work at all, so visit your employer’s page and see what it’s titled. You might try using the URL for their page, too, as a possible workaround.

  • Michael Weston

    its not working

  • Michael Weston

    it is showing
    “Creating content with this name is not allowed. Try: DJ W3ston”
    what should i do

  • Eleanor

    so frustrated… I am a business owner and, like the others, am unable to attach my business fb page to my account. My business is Real Estate 401… i was only able to link to a community page.. which i just removed, trying to add my fb business page- sheer frustration!

  • marius

    Hello Laura, I have red all the comments and followed the instructions, but this doesn’t work for me neither. as a professional musician it is very important for me to fill out the projects where i work in. I have removed previous jobs and try to add the current one, which is a musician/band fan page, which obviously i liked it :) the problem now is that neither the page appears, only the name i’m typing but neither previus band i worked in doesn’t show anymore which is weird… which pages i also “liked”
    i also tried this via add an life event, work education but neither this is working for me.
    i have been trying for weeks and my band mates asked me nicely to put it up to my profile but i cannot… i would apreciate a help from any of you. i consider my self a pretty advanced user of FB, so what am i missing or doing wrong?

  • Laura Christianson

    I heard from someone yesterday who had the same problem. She and I both tried to get it to work every way we could think of, without success. Then she checked her FB page later in the day and it was magically hooked up. I don’t know what the issue is here, but I’m assuming it’s some hangup with Facebook, since it works like a charm for most people, but others can’t seem to get it to work no matter what they try. I suggest posting the occasional update on your profile that routes people to your brand page. More people are likely to see that than they would to access the “About” tab on your profile, anyway. Facebook really needs to improve this function! Unfortunately, their “customer service” in responding to people who can’t get this feature to work is pretty much non-existent.