News Anchors are People, Too (Video)

Sometimes I catch the 11 o’clock news after watching Hawaii Five-O. The talking heads (news anchors) are always so serious and dramatic about everything. For instance, on Monday (a particularly slow news day in Seattle), the lead story was “Girl Scout Cookies Vandalized!!”

The live, on-scene reporter breathlessly described the cookie vandalism as if it was a disaster of epic proportions.

Despite the fact that tampering with Thin Mints should be a felony punishable by a lifetime-without-parole prison sentence (told you I watch Hawaii Five-O!), I think television news anchors and reporters take themselves just a tad too seriously.

I love it when they show their human side. Which could explain why I laughed myself silly as I watched this anchor from Loudon City, Virginia attempting to report breaking news about a fat cat’s weight loss plan…


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