'The Spiritual Mom' Adds Curb Appeal to Her Website

This month’s theme is how to add Curb Appeal to your blog or Web site. I published a call-out for BEFORE and AFTER screenshots from those of you who are improving your site’s curb appeal, and several brave folks volunteered to share what they’re doing.

Our first volunteer is Carla Williams, aka, The Spiritual Mom. Carla is an author, speaker, editor, and most importantly, a mentor to women who seek a spiritual role model for their parenting journey.

She’s in the midst of updating her Website and would like your suggestions about other things she can do to improve her site’s curb appeal.

Here’s Carla’s BEFORE shot:

And here’s her AFTER (in progress) shot:

  • Note that Carla kept her color scheme and the swirly effect, but she moved her picture to the right side of the page so we first notice her logo. After we get that initial brand impression, our eyes are drawn across the banner to her picture.
  • She moved her tagline (helping families create a spiritual legacy) into the logo itself, which strengthens her brand message.
  • Her navigation buttons are bold, and she added social media icons inside the main navigation area so people can instantly follow her on Facebook or Twitter, or subscribe to her blog via e-mail or feed reader.
  • She changed the headline font, size, and color to make heads more prominent, and she changed the color of the type in her main content area (as well as the background color).
  • Carla shrank the width of her main content column and added a second sidebar, which features links to other key pages on her site. One of her sidebars features clickable icons of some of the social media sites in which she participates, but those community links appear “below the fold” so they aren’t distracting and don’t clutter her layout.

What do you think of The Spiritual Mom’s curb appeal? What would you suggest she do next?

Join in the fun! Submit your own BEFORE and AFTER screenshots. If your site is a work in progress (and whose isn’t?), that’s okay. We’ll give each other suggestions for the next step.

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  • http://www.janetanncollins.com Janet Ann Collins

    Carla's new website looks great. I especially like the way she got rid of the dark red background for the e-mail sign-up section. Here's one thing she never did wrong, but many people do; dark backgrounds take much longer to load than light ones and I've often left sites rather than wait for them to finish loading.

  • Johnnie Donley

    I just really like the new and improved version — good job, Carla. The colors are appealing (that shade of teal/green is my favorite) and I love the swoop.

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  • http://www.DonnaPeruginiChildrensAuthor.com Donna Peruigni

    Put in a Bible Gateway widget since she teaching women from the bible. I see that the subscribe by email is prominent…super! The change in left to right for setting up the header was excellent. The downward curve was ‘feeling draggy’. The upward curve with the name of the blog first was excellent. Including her photo for branding was very good.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Excellent points. I’ll pass them along to Carla.