Tutorial: How to add ‘Click to Tweet’ to a Blog Post

By Laura Christianson

When I was reading “5 reasons literary agents don’t explain their rejections” by Rachelle Gardner, I spotted a sub-heading labeled “Tweetables” at the end of her article.

I hadn’t seen that particular Twitter tool before, so I immediately investigated. Turns out ClickToTweet is undergoing public beta testing. It’s free and you don’t have to create an account, so I tried it. And mastered it. (I hope.)

How to create a clickable “teaser” tweet

Go to http://clicktotweet.com/

In the form field, type or paste in the “teaser” for your blog post. I recommend composing your tweet in your word processor so you have a backup.

When you write your teaser, be sure to include the permanent link to your blog post (use a URL shortener such as https://bitly.com, http://tinyurl.com/ or HootSuite’s htl.y or ow.ly.

If you want your Twitter handle to display in the teaser, add @YourUserName after the link.

Here’s a sample of a teaser I created for this post:

Make it super easy for your readers to tweet your blog posts with ClickToTweet http://www.bloggingbistro.com/?p=13158 via @bloggingbistro

Paste your tweet in the form field:


Notice the big red “3” below my tweet? That shows me that I used up all but 3 of my 140 characters. That doesn’t allow folks enough room to re-tweet it, so I’m going to create a second, shorter teaser.

But first, I want to generate a link for the first teaser. I clicked “Generate Link!”

My teaser disappeared from the form field, and below it, where it says, “Here’s your URL” a link to my teaser displays. I copied that link into my original Word document.


If you click “Here’s a preview” link, it displays a preview of exactly what your tweet will look like, and you can either tweet it right then, or if you have Buffer set up, you can Buffer it to tweet at a pre-scheduled time.


How to add your teaser tweet to a blog post

I love the way Rachelle set up “Tweetables” in her blog post, so I am borrowing her structure (thanks, Rachelle!).

Create a sub-head in your blog post so people will know what you want them to do. Rachelle calls hers “Tweetables.”  I’m calling mine “Tweet It!”

Paste in your teaser text, but leave out the URL and the “via” part. In parentheses, type “Click to tweet” and embed the clicktotweet URL into that anchor text.

It’ll look like this:

Make it super easy for your readers to tweet your blog posts with ClickToTweet (Click to tweet)

How to embed a hyperlink into anchor text

Type your anchor text into your blog’s text editor. For my teaser, the anchor text into which I’ll embed the link is ClickToTweet.

Highlight the anchor text with your mouse and then click the “Insert/Edit Link” icon (the one that looks like a tiny chain link) in your text editor.

Insert Edit Link

Paste in the ClickToTweet link that you generated at ClickToTweet.com. In my case, the link is http://clicktotweet.com/YN33u.

From the dropdown “Target” tab, select “open link in new window.”

Insert Edit Link2

Click “Insert.”

Bonus Tips

After I composed my teaser tweet, I realized that I repeated “ClickToTweet” at the end of my teaser. Could confuse readers. So I decided to compose alternate teasers so my readers will have more than one to choose from (Rachelle did this, too – she listed four “tweetables” at the end of her post).

Hopefully, providing readers with a few ready-made tweets will make it a true no-brainer for them to tweet out links to my blog posts to their tweeps. Here are 3 teaser tweets for this post:

Tweet It!

New tool, ClickToTweet, helps your fans share your blog posts (Click to tweet)

Make it super easy for your readers to tweet your blog posts with ClickToTweet (Click to tweet)

Illustrated tutorial from @bloggingbistro: How to add ClickToTweet to a blog post (Click to tweet)

The cool thing — when you click the links above, you can edit my teasers to suit your own needs or add your own comment.

Does ClickToTweet work?

You tell me. Click one of my teaser links and I’ll report back on whether this post gets more tweets than my other articles. Thanks for the tweet!

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