All aTwitter Over News

1114925_coffee-cup-and-newspaperBy Laura Christianson

I’ll admit–I am a newspaper junkie. But I am allergic to newsprint. So instead of sitting down with a stack of papers and working my way through the murder and mayhem business news, sports, and comics, I get my news fix online.

I not only save my sinuses, but I save the cost of a subscription (my apologies to out-of-work journalists) and I save trees. In a roundabout sort of way.

My news regimen includes following news outlets on Twitter. Here are some of my faves:

What about you? Please share a link to favorite online news outlet or Twitter news source.

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  • Jennifer Cote

    I guess that’s why I don’t miss the newspaper- I do the same thing, looking through Twitter news on my phone. Shawn Hussey (, Kim Garst ( and Pam Moore ( post “news” from the techie world (plus social media tips). Then of course, there’s our local paper ( And news from a Christian world view (
    I LOVE the idea of saving trees (or, at least branches), and… not getting newsprint on my hands!

  • Susan K. Stewart

    I get the Washington Post and L.A. Times in my email box each morning. I have NY Times and Fox News apps on my iPad that push “breaking” news. When we cancelled our satellite t.v. service, I thought I’d miss daily news programs. Nope, not a bit. With all the resources available, I don’t need it. Oh, I should mention, that our local weekly does arrive in my mailbox by the road every Thursday.

  • Laura Christianson

    Excellent additions to my list, Susan. Thanks!

  • Laura Christianson

    Thanks for the links, Jennifer. I’ll check these out.