Video Parody: Social Media Revolution

One of my favorite social media videos is “Social Media Revolution,” a yearly 2-minute profile of little-known facts and astonishing statistics about social networking.

Now there’s a video parody of the book, Socialnomics  and the original video, ‘Social Media Revolution’ by Erik Qualman & Evan Kutsko.

The theme: “Social media is about made-up stats.”

It includes “stats” such as:

  • 60 percent of under-20s read one book a year. It’s called Facebook.
  • 1 in 3 burglars is an EBay powerseller.

I hope all you social media nerds and nerd wannabes enjoy both videos. Here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

The Parody:


Social Media Revolution 2012 (Socialnomics 3, the most recent version):

What was your favorite “statistic” from either video?

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  • Bonnie Way

    My biggest surprise was the stat that 93% of marketers use social media.  I knew social media was growing as a marketing tool, but I didn’t realize that it was already that big.  Interesting videos.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura Christianson

    That statistic sounds a bit inflated to me, Bonnie, especially since I work with “marketers” (aka, anyone who is trying to promote a business, ministry, product, service, etc) and many of them come to me because they are doing no marketing whatsoever and they need help getting started.

    Maybe they’re just part of the 7% of marketers who do NOT use social media. :-)