Want to Win ‘Launch’? Help Me Come Up With a Creative Giveaway Contest

I have been selected as one of 50 bloggers worldwide to review Michael A. Stelzner’s upcoming book, Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition.

Part of my assignment is to think of a way to “creatively give away a copy” of the book to one of my followers. I thought I’d have fun with this and host a pre-giveaway contest.

I’ll be receiving two copies of the book: one to review and one to give away. After I review Launch, I’ll give away my review copy to whoever can help me come up with the most ingenious way to creatively give away my giveaway copy!

To enter my pre-giveaway contest, submit your great idea in the Comments area of this post.

(If you’re reading this post via e-mail subscription, the link to the post/comments is http://www.bloggingbistro.com/?p=8095)

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  • Cheryl St.John

    Suggestion: Have readers LIKE your Facebook author page to be entered in the drawing.

  • Cheryl St.John

    Suggestion: Require readers to send you their addresses to be entered in the drawing, thus building your mailing list.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Excellent point, Cheryl. If tie in the giveaway with leaving a comment on my blog, I’ll get their e-mail addresses anyway, but setting up an auto responder to collect them would save me time and hassle!

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Cheryl – Facebook’s terms of service for Pages do not allow you to tie in a contest with having to like a page. Their rules are presently somewhat nebulous, but that’s how I understand them (as well as how many other internet marketers interpret them).

  • Janice S.

    How about if readers submit a personal business idea cast-away? One they considered either superficially or seriously? My husband and I often bat around ideas and then brain-storm how to make them work. It’s the making them work part we get stuck on. But, we’ve come up with some doozies, that’s for sure. Then you could pick your favorite to send the book to, thereby, lighting the fuse under a potential business launch.

  • Jan

    Attach the book to a rocket and shoot it into the air. That may not be practical, but it is creative and goes with the title.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Love your idea, Janice! It would be fun and entertaining to learn about all the would-be business ideas that never made it past the drawing board.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Ha! I think we may have some model rockets hanging around our house, but I’m not sure the rocket engines are strong enough to propel a hardback book off the ground! Love your creative energy, Janet!

  • http://profiles.google.com/susyflory Susy Flory

    How about using a question: If you were selected to take part in the very first rocket launch to visit Mars, what 5 books, 5 movies, and 5 snacks would you take to pass the time? Then pick the best, most creative answer!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1642032644 Marci Seither

    Have people send in a short video or photo on what it looks like to “Launch” something. Then post the top entries. The winner gets the book.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Aah… make the contest fit the title. Good idea, Marci. Start working on that video!

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    This sounds easy and kind of fun, Susy. I especially like the snacks idea. I’m into snacks. Particularly anything with dark chocolate in it.

  • karen evans

    How ’bout the most absurd “launching” of any object, complete with pictures/video? :)

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    Somebody must have pictures of public officials with those gigantic scissors doing a ribbon-cutting. Truly one of the most absurd photo-opp “launches” in existence.

  • John

    Have your readers submit exactly 60 words on the most important components of a great launch.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    That sounds doable, John. I’m curious. Why exactly 60 words? Why not 50 or 75? Am I missing something in the book’s title or sub-title?

  • Rebecca

    What we have done at Take It To The Cross is ask our FB Fans to tell us how they use our products and then place their names in a drawing for a prize. Also, we have asked them to tell their friends to “Like” us and then do the same. Best wishes! Rebecca

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    I like the idea of asking a simple question — of course, my question will be related to the book’s topic. And I’ll know more about that once the book arrives and I read it!

  • Danie Marie

    Take off to Starbucks and read Launch. Promote it while there. A $5 gift card would woo many! :) Hope I’m not too late with the suggestion…

    Blessings ~ Danie

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    You’re not too late, Danie. My books just arrived so I’m reading LAUNCH in the evenings. Great stuff. Can’t wait to give it away! Thanks for your entry.

  • http://bloggingbistro.com/ Laura Christianson

    The winner of my review copy of ‘Launch’ is John, who suggested, “Have your readers submit exactly 60 words on the most important components of a great launch” I’m adapting his question and giving away a second copy of ‘Launch’ here. http://www.bloggingbistro.com/?p=8445 Enter by Tuesday, July 5, 2011 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. 

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